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BY: Dennis Khakimov|
DATE: Saturday 3rd of June 2017|
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Tips on how to best plan for that corporate event.

Planning is at the core of everything that you do in the business world and that includes any events you might want to sponsor. Here’s a few tips from professionals that can help you with any corporate events that you’ve been put in charge of .

• First off you need to decide if the target audience is everyone in the company or one specific segment. Without making these kinds of distinctions first, you run the risk of throwing the net out too wide with the activities you’re planning.
• Make a master list of everything that you’ll need. From food to lighting and transportation, you need to have one complete list of everything so nothing is forgotten. Once you have everything written down, it’s a good idea to leave the list for a bit and then come back to it with a refreshed mind.
• Make sure your event doesn’t run into anything else the company or organization has planned for the same time and date. It’s good to steer clear of popular vacation times and bigger holidays like Christmas and Easter.

Being flexible will help as well because as you go through the planning process, the scope and size of the event will most certainly change as the details become more clear.

BY: Allan Pollett|
DATE: Wednesday 17th of February 2016|