Breezy outdoor wedding ideas

Having a wedding outside is a great way to start your life together and reaffirm your love of nature. Like everything else that you plan for that day, you need to make the initial decision and then regroup to plan for a ceremony under the clouds.

Here’s a few tips that will make everyone happy.

• Make sure all of your guests are comfortable. Planning on getting hitched on a lovely July day? No one wants your out of town guests sweating in their seats so plan on having ice cold bottles of water distributed by the ushers. It’s a great way to put everyone and those out of towners at ease.
• Having an alternate plan is a great idea too. You might have been planning to get married under the stars for months but Nature might have a different agenda. If it turns out that it’s raining on your special day, those extra few minutes you took to plan for a tent will make all the difference.

Finally, keep in mind the day will more than likely have some windy elements to it and you should avoid some lighter chiffons on your wedding dress. Overall, a little planning will make your outdoor wedding a special event you won’t forget.

BY: Allan Pollett|
DATE: Tuesday 16th of February 2016|

Choose your wedding invitation wording carefully

Those wedding invitations will be the first idea you guests have about the vision you have for that special day and you need to lead off carefully here and plan these out. As you might imagine, the wording that you use sets the tone and gives this initial impression. That said, there are a few conventions for the wording in your wedding invitations you should use because they are tried and tested.

For example, using “and” between two names usually implies the people are married. Of course beyond the date and time of the ceremony, you will also need to include the names of the people who are hosting the event, which are traditionally the parents of the bride.

Because it is quite often the case in today’s world , the parents of the bride might be divorced and so their names can appear stacked on top of each other. Older people getting married or those that don’t want their parent’s names being used can list their own names as the people hosting the event.

R.S.V.P. cards should always be included. Leaving a blank space allows for those attending to write someone memorable in the space that you can keep as a lasting memory.

BY: Allan Pollett|
DATE: Monday 15th of February 2016|